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There is a lot of content on the web around custom Windows Workflow Foundation (WFF) workflows and how they integrate into SharePoint. However, I couldn't find a post or article that contained the basics steps to deploying a workflow that wasn't watered down with the useful, yet complicated intricacies and specifics that make it difficult to learn WFF for beginners. This post is my attempt to help those who tend to learn better by doing, rather than reading…

The workflow I'll be walking you through will bind to a SharePoint list, and when a new list item is added, the workflow will fire and create a new task in a Tasks list. This is a pretty basic example, but it serves to demonstrate the concept of creating and deploying workflows. This first part in the 2 part series walks you through creating the workflow in visual studio.

This project contains the source and project for my blog series on how to develop and deploy a visual studio workflow into SharePoint in 10 easy steps. For the full steps, view my post(s) at:
Post 1:
Post 2:

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